Hi beautiful people,

Life is super busy and I haven’t posted in along time. When I finish my apprenticeship in a few months time I am hoping to return to blogging. I miss this blog and the wonderful people in the WordPress community.

Anyway, the other day I was browsing through save the student looking for ways to make/save money and I came across a website called tee spring where you can design your own clothes etc. I ended up getting a bit carried away and creating three designs all of which I will show below.

The first of course had to include a unicorn.

For the second one I decided to go for something bright, quirky and uplifting. This one has actually turned out to be my favourite.

Thirdly I went for my own saying “love glitter and happy thoughts” which was how I used to end my blog posts on here.

All of these designs are available as a T-shirt, mug, tote bag or sweater as shown below. Please have a look on the website via this link.

Lots of love, glitter and happy thoughts,

Beth xoxoIMG_20180627_101728_922



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