Hi beautiful people, Life is super busy and I haven’t posted in along time. When I finish my apprenticeship in a few months time I am hoping to return to blogging. I miss this blog and the wonderful people in the WordPress community. Anyway, the other day I was browsing through save the student looking … More BEE YOURSELF

Feeling thankful

Hi lovely people. I have just been to church and am feeling very inspired. I’m not sure why but I’m just experiencing an overwhelming feeling of love, peace and appreciation for my life; and everyone and everything in it. I am so grateful to be alive and to have met so many amazing people and … More Feeling thankful

Dear younger me

Hi lovely people! I was just listening to ‘dear younger me’ by mercy me, and it got me thinking about the things that I would say to ‘younger beth’ if I had the chance. I’m aware that I’m only 20 now but I have learnt so much about myself this past year. So here is … More Dear younger me

La La Land

Yesterday evening my partner and I went to see the critically acclaimed ‘La la land’ at the cinema. We had a lovely evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, ( My boyfriend did not but enjoyed the happiness that I received from watching it and just spending the time together generally). For weeks everybody I know … More La La Land

Dealing with Anxiety

Hi lovely people. I wrote this post on Saturday but for some reason haven’t posted it until now. Possibly because I feel a little exposed sharing details of my personal experience with anxiety, however, I have decided to post this because anxiety is something that alot of people have experience with and if this post … More Dealing with Anxiety

The power of words

‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ Words shouldn’t hurt but they do. Words have the power to make or break someones day,week,year,even life. Throughout my life so far i have found that words are a powerful tool that can be both a source of good and evil,happiness and … More The power of words