La La Land

Yesterday evening my partner and I went to see the critically acclaimed ‘La la land’ at the cinema. We had a lovely evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, ( My boyfriend did not but enjoyed the happiness that I received from watching it and just spending the time together generally).

For weeks everybody I know have been telling me to go and watch this because “it’s the ultimate ‘Beth’ film” and they were right; it’s cheesy, a musical, a romance and it’s called La la land which is where I spend the majority of my time. I’m a dreamer, always have been. I found that because of this I could really relate to the main characters Mia and Sebastian.

I like many others was so disappointed at the ending of the film. I couldn’t and still cannot believe that they did not end up together. It got me thinking that although dreams are great and having ambitions and achieving them is so important, that sometimes we are so caught up in achieving these that we completely miss what we already have.

This has inspired me to start living in the moment more and really appreciating what I already have, for instance my wonderful partner. After 5 years he still brings me such joy and I’m really so blessed to have him in my life, ( among many other wonderful people).

I love living in my own little happy world and I shall always chase my dreams but I also need to start spending more time in the real world.


p.s. This sweet and salted popcorn mix with pretzels, minstrels and smarties was amazing

Lots of love, glitter and happy thoughts, Beth xoxo


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