Twirling skirts & leprechauns

Hi lovely people!

So I am the kind of person that will be in a hoodie and leggins with no makeup one day and in a dress and full face of makeup the next. I never plan an outfit the day before, I wake up in the morning and decide what I feel like wearing.

On Saturday when I got dressed this is what happened :


I love this skirt so much,as it is so pretty and it was only £7 in the sale at New look, Bargain. I paired it with a cropped cream jumper from primark and a really pretty necklace, again on sale In New look! I finished it off with my chunky grey heeled boots from New look.

And of course I had to add my fluffy leprechaun socks as I am in love with them and no outfit would be complete without a quirky touch.


So that is Saturday’s outfit… I absolutely love it.

P.s. the skirt is super fun to twirl in.

Be yourself, wear whatever makes you happy and have fun ❤

Lots of love, glitter and happy thoughts. Beth xoxo



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