The power of words


Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’

Words shouldn’t hurt but they do. Words have the power to make or break someones day,week,year,even life. Throughout my life so far i have found that words are a powerful tool that can be both a source of good and evil,happiness and pain. Although it is not healthy to hold on to words and let them fill your life,(and mind), with negativity it is easily done.

I feel that as individuals and as a society as a whole we all need to choose our words more carefully. Too often I hear people using words to put others down, often unintentionally, with little thought or regard for the person whom their words concern.

A while back I heard someone that I barely know making superficial comments based purely upon my appearance. I shouldn’t have let them affect me, but they did. I have always struggled with confidence and i think situations like that have made a large contribution.

Now, I am not suggesting that i have never used my words in a negative way either to or about someone. I genuinely see people in a positive light, (most of the time) and rarely have anything bad to say about anyone,however,I am sure that I have made comments that have caused offense,and for those moments I genuinely am sorry.  Nobody is perfect and we all say things that we don’t mean, or perhaps do mean but don’t mean the offense or harm that they cause.

Anyway, enough negativity, yes words can be destructive but they can also be a wonderful thing. Your’ words can bring great happiness to someone if they choose to accept them. You can use your’ words to give others, (and yourself), hope, strength and power. So choose your words carefully and most importantly, don’t let anyone put you down. You are BRILLIANT. Don’t ever forget that. 

Lots of love, glitter and happy thoughts, Beth xoxo


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