The magic of individuality.


Since I was very young I have always been passionate about  equality,and have always felt strongly against prejudice and discrimination on any level. To me it seems preposterous that  factors such as age,gender,race,religion, ability, and sexuality, often play such a huge part in one’s judgement of another, when to me these factors make no difference on my opinion of others.

Of course when forming friendships/relationships sometimes these factors may have an influence for practical reasons, and I’m not suggesting that’s wrong. What seems wrong to me is that we categorise people based on these factors and then attach stereotypes to these groups of people. When meeting an individual I think it’s important to put these stereotypes aside, as to me it is our differences that unite us not our similarities.

I am blessed to have met many amazing people of different ages, gender , beliefs, races, abilities etc and I love this as I find it means that I have so many different perspectives surrounding me. I find this helps me really helps me to continue to develop my mind and soul. I think individuality is definitely something to be celebrated and not ridiculed.

I guess one purpose of this blog post is to encourage you to take the time to get to know people that you usually wouldn’t, many of my strongest friendships are with people who I would’ve never imagined having a friendship with. However,the main purpose of this post is to remind everyone that YOU are worthy and special, and that no matter what others say, you must remind yourself of that. Never change who you are for someone else, you are more than enough, and it is your individuality that makes you so unique. 😘

P.s how cute is my bike 😍 I’m in love with it. My stepdad casually gardening in the background… 😂

Lots of love, glitter and happy thoughts, Beth xoxo


8 thoughts on “The magic of individuality.

  1. Hello Beth,I love the line that we love people because of their diffirences ,not their similarities.It really felt good to read your post,It really is.looking forward to your other posts.I am glad to meet you.
    lots of love


      1. Wookey,I really admired your writing.From my heart,I am lucky to have one of the first followers of you.I wish you more success and happiness.Do you have a social media account?I would love to talk to you and know you more(I hope I am not creeping you out).


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